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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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Daubeney Acavemy

Support Staff

Teaching Support Staff
Waite, Amy Cover Supervisor awaite@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
TBC Exams Officer


Pastoral Support Staff
Safeguarding Officer
Attendance & Admissions
Rhona Page Family Support Worker rpage@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Moisey, Sadie Pastoral Support Assistant smoisey@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Khatun, Rina Pastoral Support Assistant rkhatun@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Thomas- O’Keefe, Mark School Councillor mthomas-o’keefe@kempstonacademy.co.uk
Church, Jackie Careers Advisor



Learning Support Assistants

Turner, Ros Learning Support Manager rturner@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Brazier, Jo LSA jbrazier@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Fras, Christine LSA cfras@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Flynn, Vicky LSA vflynn@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Hillyard, Carol LSA chillyard@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Horne, Tracey LSA thorne@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Mehmi, Santosh LSA smehmi@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Muscroft, Ellen LSA emuscroft@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Ndlovu, Ashleigh LSA andlovu@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Taylor, Kieran LSA ktaylor@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Smith, Linda LSA lsmith@daubeneyacademy.co.uk


Admin Staff
Villar Stickley, Mae Administrator mvillarstickley@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
Farrell, Kayleigh School Operation Manager kfarrell@daubeneyaademy.co.uk
Krysta, Stacey Recptionist skrysta@daubeneyacademy.co.uk
TBC Attendance & Admissions
TBC Office Manager